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  • Produce a wide range of large diameter longitudinal S.A.W. pipe products
    from 450mm to 3,000mm in capacity 200,000m.tons per year with coating


  • Coated and wrapped steel pipes for water service
  • Linepipe for oil & gas transmission
  • Steel pipe pile for foundation and pipe sheet pile
  • Electric arc-welded carbon steel pipes
  • Steel pipe fittings and special pipes for special applications
  • Coal-tar enamel and epoxy coating
  • Liquid epoxy and modified epoxy coating
  • Fusion boned epoxy coating
  • Polyethylene coating
  • Polyurethane coating and other special coatings for marine service


  • Because of its high ductility and strength, Dong Yang's steel pipe has been employed safely and economically to resist stresses induced by loads and forces resulting from:

    1. High pressures
    2. Shifting or yielding foundations
    3. Water hammer and surge shocks
    4. Deep trenches and high fills
    5. Vibration from traffic or other causes
    6. Impact-accidental or otherwise

  • Due to the wide range in thickness of Dong Yang's pipe, it is economical
    for the thickness of pipes to be adjusted to the design requirements.

  • The life of Dong Yang's pipe can be semi-permanent because adequate
    anticorrosive coating system can be applied against the corrosive laying
    at the site environments.

  • Wide range of available materials permits selection of pipes to the
    satisfaction of the various requirements of design, pressure and temperature.

  • Electrical Fusion Welding(EFW) of Dong Yang's pipe assures the strength
    of the welded area equal to, if not stronger than the base material.


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Hydro-tested length : 12m (6m + 6m), Max: 15m
Non-hydrostatically tested length: up to maximum shipping


Plain end, Square cut, Beveled end, Flanged, Flexible coupling, Bell & Spigot



AWWA C 200
ASTM A 134, A 139, A 671, A 672
JIS G 3457
BS 3601, 3602
DIN 1628



  • Double length pipes speed up pipeline construction and reduce costs to the consumer.

  • Dong Yang's pipe "Specials" can be easily produced to suit for local conditions at the construction site.

  • Repairs of pipeline are quickly accomplished by welding.

  • Our light-weight steel pipes are easier to deliver and handle than other products.
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